5 Ways to Create an Energy Efficient Home for under $500

Summer is a time filled with good times and warm weather. Unfortunately, it’s also a time for many homeowners when energy costs skyrocket as they attempt to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Thankfully, there are many things that can be done to help keep homes cool, while saving energy and money at […]

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5 Facts about Solar Power in Utah

Brinton PVSolar energy is a resource with many benefits. It’s sustainable for energy consumption and is continuously renewable. It can generate power, heat, water and even energizes your body with Vitamin D! You may have already known these tidbits of information, but here are five additional facts that may surprise you about electricity and solar energy in Utah.

  1. Utah’s residential electricity is expensive
  2. Solar energy rates are fixed
  3. Solar system guarantee
  4. Technology has improved
  5. Storage will change the way you think about energy

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Bloomberg Pledges $64M To Support U.S. Transition Away From Coal


In light of the Trump administration’s plans to rescind the Clean Power Plan, former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has announced a new commitment of $64 million to support the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign and other organizations working to advance the U.S. clean energy market at the state and local level.

To date, Bloomberg has invested over $100 million in protecting the environment and public health through its support of the Beyond Coal campaign. Since 2011 – when Bloomberg Philanthropies first partnered with the campaign – nearly 50% of the country’s coal-fired power plants have announced their retirement, and deaths related to coal pollution have decreased by 42%, the organization says.

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Could Puerto Rico go solar?


With the island’s electrical system still in shambles from Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has taken a step closer to revamping its power grid using Tesla solar technology, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Saturday.

Rosselló and Tesla chief Elon Musk had a 25-minute phone conversation Friday night where the two discussed relief efforts as well as Tesla playing a leading role, Rosselló said in an interview with USA TODAY.

Teams from Tesla and Puerto Rico’s energy sector will continue the talks early next week, Rosselló said.

“I told him because of the devastation, if there is a silver lining, we can start re-conceptualizing how we want to produce energy here in Puerto Rico and distribute it and do it in a more reliable fashion,” Rosselló said. “It was a very positive first step.”

Read more here:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2017/10/07/puerto-rico-electric-grid-solar/743129001/

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Don’t Pull the Plug on Energy Efficiency


Rocky Mountain Power’s 2017 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) calls for a 32% cut to its “wattsmart” energy efficiency program in 2018. Needless to say, we are concerned about this huge reduction in energy savings, which is a departure from the steady growth that Rocky Mountain Power’s energy efficiency programs have seen since at least 2008. Utah Clean Energy is spearheading efforts to emphasize that businesses value Rocky Mountain Power’s energy efficiency programs, and encourage the utility not to enact their proposed cuts. Learn more here, and contact Kevin Emerson at kevin@utahcleanenergy.org to see how you can get involved.

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Changes Coming to Utah for Solar

20170417_133703Utah Clean Energy and Rocky Mountain Power, as well as other interveners have come to an agreement about Rooftop Solar in Utah. Last year, Rocky Mountain Power had filed a proposal making Solar unaffordable for most Utah households. We are grateful they have come to a resolution to support the Solar Industry here in Utah.

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Duke Energy in Florida makes the transition to solar

Duke Energy in Florida has made an announcement that they are ceasing plans to build a nuclear power plant, and instead will be investing $6B into a utility-scale solar project to meet the energy needs of Florida Residents.

The plan is to install 700MW of solar in Western Florida over the next 4 years, in addition to 50MW of solar storage options and 500 electric vehicle chargers. This will also keep rates low for Florida residents.

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Solar Energy: Powering Homes, Space Stations, and Soon: Cars

AUDI recently announced their intent to fit solar energy technology into the glass roofs of their vehicles. Cleantechnica.com has written an article covering some specifics of this announcement.

AUDI intends on having the first prototype built and functional by the end of this year, with help from the solar-cell specialists at Hanergy. The solar roof is intended to power most of the accessory features of the vehicle, including outlets, radio, and AC systems. They are hoping to have the vehicles available on the market by 2020.

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Good news comes from Nevada in regards to Rooftop Solar

A few weeks ago, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, signed a bill reversing the controversial rate changes that happened statewide in 2016 . The rate changes brought rooftop solar to a grinding halt throughout the state.

With the new bill in effect, it looks like solar is taking off once again. It has set a precedence for utilities throughout the country that they cannot change rates in such a way that can cause huge effects to the residential solar industry.

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