5 Ways to Create an Energy Efficient Home for under $500

Summer is a time filled with good times and warm weather. Unfortunately, it’s also a time for many homeowners when energy costs skyrocket as they attempt to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Thankfully, there are many things that can be done to help keep homes cool, while saving energy and money at […]

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5 Facts about Solar Power in Utah

Brinton PVSolar energy is a resource with many benefits. It’s sustainable for energy consumption and is continuously renewable. It can generate power, heat, water and even energizes your body with Vitamin D! You may have already known these tidbits of information, but here are five additional facts that may surprise you about electricity and solar energy in Utah.

  1. Utah’s residential electricity is expensive
  2. Solar energy rates are fixed
  3. Solar system guarantee
  4. Technology has improved
  5. Storage will change the way you think about energy

Source: ksl.com