Solar Storage Solutions may be the Future

In an article posted last week, Greentech Media showed a cost-benefit analysis of solar storage systems. In short, the more solar energy that is on the power grid, the more valuable it is to store that energy where it is produced.

The article explains that as the amount of available solar energy increases, the value of that energy decreases, because there’s a much higher supply. There’s also an added cost of transporting energy from one location to another, which is why there’s a value in storing energy on-site. As the value of transported energy falls, but costs stay the same, it causes on-site stored energy to increase in value.

The article projects that storage solutions may be more valuable than systems without storage when solar reaches 15% of it’s potential cap. Even further, when we reach 24%, solar storage solutions become a no-brainer for utility-scale projects.

Currently, the US is at about 6%, which is far from the point where storage solutions are worth considering, especially for homeowners. We’re keeping our eyes on the horizon to be ready to act as storage solutions become more cost effective.

Read the full article here:

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